Making people healthier by making healthy food cheaper



What if a supermarket systematically lowers the prices of healthy food and by doing so helps its customer to live a healthier life?

Disruption roadmap


Every supermarket has a loyalty system in place, and they all look pretty much the same. Usually, the card is at the center of the program, and it’s all about financial benefits based on randomly selected offers from an inside-out perspective. And although they all claim personalized offers, everybody basically gets the same benefits and conditions. You save a couple bucks, and that’s it.


If you really want people to eat healthier, you act accordingly and you make healthy eating more affordable. SuperPlus is the first loyalty program to make healthy food (all Nutri-Score A & B products) more affordable, easier and more inspiring, Delhaize really helps all their customers in their daily struggle to eat and live better, step by step. Because in the end the ambition is to make the whole of Belgium eat in a healthier way.


We believe that healthy eating is at the heart of better living. That’s why we want to help people to eat and live healthier, step by step. By being the cheapest supermarket out there for everybody who wants to start eating in a healthier way.


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