You noticed that little trademark symbol? That’s how serious we are about Disruption. It’s not one of those empty catchphrases or trends. For us, it means business. It’s a 30-year-old commitment, mindset and behaviour, day in and day out.

We need Disruption®.

The Magic of a Disruption Day

Magic happens when our partners and specialists get together. In these collaborative workshops we ask questions. We look for the conventions in your market and examine your brand from every angle. It’s how we practice Disruption in a very tangible way, through a simple yet rich methodology.

A vision that sets your brand apart

When the conventions in your market are clear, we define a unique vision for your brand. One that sets it apart from the rest.

A disruptive idea that makes your brand shift

A vision is nothing until it becomes tangible. We then search for the disruptive idea. That one thing that will make your brand shift. That will move your brand into a new space or position.

Disruption needs diversity

In fact, Disruption dies on the vine without it. Central to the idea of challenging convention is the rejection of sameness, of the expected. A range of diverse perspectives makes that kind of thinking and acting possible.

Collaboration: It takes two to tango

We like to work together with our clients, our partners. It’s by working together that great stuff happens. In a constant exchange of thoughts and ideas. Pushing each other to find new ways to build brands.

Curious to hear more about disruption and what it could mean for your business?

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