NMBS - Treintijd is mijn tijd

Train time is my time



After the lockdown was lifted, people were slowly going back to the office more often, but their mobility needs had changed. So, NMBS needed to come up with new subscription formulas to fit the zeitgeist and shift people’s behavior towards commuting by train. Finding a benefit that appeals to employer and employee as well, wasn’t an easy task.

Disruption roadmap


By taking the car or bike to work your focus is on traffic, you don’t have your hands free. That makes the time you spend on your way to work lost time. That’s why people are always looking for the fastest way to get from A to B. Less travel time = less time wasted.


Commuters are in control of their time when they travel by train. They can use their time to have some ‘me time’, or even finish up some work before arriving home. They arrive at work more relaxed. With this statement we wanted people to take back control of their commute time by taking the train to work.


There is a means of transport that lets you sit back and relax and where you can just do your thing: the train. On the train you can use your time efficiently. You could even say you win time compared to other means of transport. Time you can spend on things you might not always find the time for.


The car of your life

The greatest thing about a Volkswagen is what you do with it.