The car of your life



The most beautiful thing about a Volkswagen is what you do with it. Yes, a Volkswagen is not made to just sit on your driveway, it is made for life. A brand platform true to the brand’s DNA.

The Challenge

Volkswagen has been a love brand for Belgians since forever. During the last decade however, the brand’s distinctive tone of voice got neglected somehow. On top of that, there was the recent specific communication focus on the electric ID. range. And all of a sudden the Volkswagen magic started to lose its luster, and a mainstream positioning was looming. Volkswagen was becoming a vanilla choice.

The Solution

Car brand preference is a matter of the heart. So we set out on a mission to resuscitate the love. Because our heritage is golden, every Belgian has a Volkswagen story. Without a distinction between combustion and electric models, we celebrate the role a Volkswagen plays in people’s lives, all the fantastic moments people experience in their Volkswagen. Yes


Love Meeting

Barco’s Clickshare solution makes people love meetings.