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Naturally, airlines aren’t the most environmentally friendly industry. Fortunately, technology allows them to take new steps towards a greener path, a necessity if they want to keep up with the current zeitgeist. However, this can be quite challenging for airlines—some neglect responsibility, while others implement disconnected initiatives. Brussels Airlines strives to integrate its sustainability effort in its brand identity. By doing so, it aims to transcend industry standards.

Disruption roadmap


Historically, there is a common belief that it’s almost impossible for airlines to be environmentally responsible because flying involves a lot of fuel and emissions. This assumption fosters the idea that the basic activities of air travel inherently conflict with environmental initiatives. It contributes to a conventional mindset that airline companies place sustainability efforts to the background.


By shifting the focus from mere responsibility to actively advocating for respect, Brussels Airlines aims to redefine ethical standards within the industry. Embracing respect involves a holistic perspective that goes beyond sustainability, also considering the well-being of both passengers and airline staff. With this shift, Brussels Airlines strives to set a new standard for respect within the airline industry.


In terms of marketing, airlines are not very disruptive. One screams premium, while another focuses on low prices. With its new brand platform Respectful Flying, Brussels Airlines breaks this convention with a promise that reflects all the brand values: respect for people and planet. It’s not an empty promise. Behind the campaign, the airline invests in a series of initiatives, all outlined in the Respectful Flying charter.


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