This promo is not for you, Rudy



A generation that uses the internet more than ever deserves the best connection, right? Well, for them Telenet kept it simple: anyone under 30 that takes a One subscription receives a €10 discount per month until their 30th birthday. Not a one-time promo, but one that lasts for years. A financial support that this generation could really use.

The Challenge

How do you reach a generation that runs on ad blockers? How do you convince a generation that smells bullshit from far away? In a market filled with specialized youngster brand with low-priced entry products, how could a traditional player like Telenet win over this critical generation without compromising on their core brand?

The Solution

Our success stems from what we didn’t do as much as what we did. No new brands or cheaper products—just our core brand and a bold, Gen Z-focused promo. With billboards styled like Instagram stories, a lone Facebook post and tram wraps for non-tram 3 riders, we grabbed their attention with one clear message: if you’re over 30, this promo isn’t for you.

The Results

One acquisition vs the same period in 2021
consideration among young adults


Launching small – and cute – prices

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