How to become Belgium’s favorite, innovative bike brand



When Belgium’s biggest car importer wants to diversify and introduce a new bike brand, this calls for some differentiation from traditional bike stores. TBWA was up for the task and came up with a brand that was both innovative and fresh and firmly anchored in local cycling tradition.

The Challenge

Mobility is rapidly changing, driven by changing consumer behaviour. As people become more aware of their health, and of the environmental and financial impact of their car, they want to make the switch to more sustainable mobility solutions. Result: more people bike and they bike more often. Belgium’s biggest car importer D’Ieteren asked us to help them in the transition of their business.

Our challenge was to come up with a strong creative strategy for a new retail concept in the bike market. We had to give birth to a completely new brand that could easily differentiate from the traditional bike stores that lack great offering and from the retail chains that feel like faceless supermarkets.

The Solution

The aim was to become the Belgian’s favourite bike store, combining the best of all worlds: an unexpectedly human character, locally anchored & an innovative experience.

Say hello to ‘Lucien – takes care of cyclists’ (soigneert fietsers).

We called the brand Lucien, in honour of Lucien D’Ieteren, the founding father of the group and disruptor avant la lettre. The name also has a familiar ring to it for everyone acquainted with Belgium’s glorious cycling tradition (cfr. Lucien Van Impe, 1976’s Tour de France winner). Lucien is a passionate personality, caring for his team and all cyclists altogether. A soigneur, quoi. This idea shines through in the whole brand experience we designed: from the name to the handwritten type design, whimsical photography & colours, a witty tone of voice, the refreshing services, fun merch, digital services, etc …

There’s a fresh new kid in the peloton who’s accelerating for the win.


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