De Kraak



TBWA turned this bank robbery into the very first bank heist in which viewers share in the loot. For one week, you could try your luck at hacking a safe through an exciting game in 3 Belgian train stations. The fastest hackers got a share of the €10,000 loot.

The Challenge

Create awareness for a new series on Streamz that tells the compelling story of hackers robbing a bank in Frankfurt. Drive traffic to the Streamz platform and get new leads excited about the streaming service.

The Solution

An interactive hacker game. For a week in 3 Belgian stations you could attempt to hack a virtual safe. Via a mobile web game you had to try to crack the passwords of fictitious victims. The clues to cracking the password were displayed in the station. The fastest hackers who could open the safe with the correct code, shared the €10,000 prize.  

To highlight both this activation and the series, TBWA also imagined itself as a hacker gang. Several radio and television commercials, Instagram accounts of influencers and even the VTM jingle were hacked to spread the activation.  

More than 1000 Flemish people brought out their best hacking skills and took a chance on cracking the safe.

The Results

Hackers on site
Views above benchmark


The logo evolution

The journey of the Telenet logo, as it shifted from connectivity to entertainment, and became a part of our daily lives.