De streamingdienst van bij onz.



In a market dominated by giants like Netflix and Disney+, we introduced ‘de streamingdienst van bij onz,’ a service that transformed skepticism into a unique identity. Leveraging local insights, Streamz offers content that resonates with Flemish preferences, setting itself apart as a streaming platform deeply attuned to its audience’s needs.

The Challenge

The streaming service landscape has been intensely competitive and saturated, dominated by major international players such as Netflix, HBO Max, Disney Plus and Amazon Prime. Each of these platforms offers a broad array of content but often lacks a focus on local preferences and nuances. In this crowded market, there was one big question: Was there room for yet another streaming service?

The Solution

Launching ‘de streamingdienst van bij onz,’ or ‘our streaming service,’ we cleverly used the ‘Z’ in Streamz, turning initial skepticism into a key part of our identity. By tapping into local insights, we created a service that felt intimately familiar yet excitingly diverse. This boldly positioned Streamz as the only streaming service with an in-depth understanding of what the Flemish audience desires.


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