Using the Metaverse to cater to youngsters needs.



The start of the student year is the time for Telenet to put their ‘Kotaanbod’ (offers for students) in the spotlight. Because of the very specific target group, we launched our campaign right there where youngsters spend the most time: on the internet.

The Challenge

The battle for youngsters’ attention is fiercer than ever, especially on the internet with its unlimited stream of information and entertainment. The surge in adblockers didn’t make it any easier. How could we make our commercial message stand out in a way that would resonate with the online generation?

The Solution

Enter the Metakot, the first student house in the Metaverse. Combining all elements that students know from their daily life, from leftover fast food to stolen traffic signs and an interactive ‘beerpong’ table, we transferred student culture into the digital realm. Open to all through the VRChat application, we also brought the Metakot to every major student kick-off event.


The discussion starts here

Claiming the Belgian football season by claiming every single discussion about it.