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How to bring the message of a transformation process across within a company

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When in a transformation process, internal communication is crucial for a company, to counter an atmosphere of uncertainty among employees. A live radio show, pushing all the right buttons, proved the right way to make employees proud instead of anxious.

The Challenge

How to align employees and engage them while introducing them to the company’s upcoming transformation process.

A transformation process that deals with a new organisational structure and new fields in which to work, usually raises a lot of questions and brings uncertainty to employees. Finding a way to reverse this and make employees proud and committed instead, asks for an innovative, disruptive approach.

The Solution

A live radio show encompassing all stakeholders to bring the message in full transparency across to employees, not only reassuring them but making them proud to work for the company.

Broadcasted from the HQ of the company during one full day, the live radio show “The Skin I’m In” invited employees to group discussions about the company’s mission and vision. TBWA’s Reputation Team brought in a multidisciplinary team – from script writers to AV-specialists – to support and coach the event. The disruptive approach resulted in employees showing engagement and pride.


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