Urging youngsters not to smoke, using TikTok and gaming

Kom op tegen Kanker


Recent studies show that 1 in 5 Belgian teenagers still start smoking. On average, the first cigarette is smoked at age 15 (age 14 even in BSO education). Which is why each year Kom op tegen Kanker is devoted to addressing this problem.

The Challenge

Kom op tegen Kanker’s goal is to make sure teenagers are aware that smoking is unhealthy. This way in the long term they can ensure that fewer people get cancer. But our target audience (teenagers,12 to 15) is known as a hard-to-reach target group in the advertising industry. Being a government authority – to which teenagers usually don’t listen – makes it even harder.

The Solution

Since already 3 years now we recommended working with their peers, influencers they would look up to and, most importantly, listen to. Together we set up 2 campaigns. One #WhatTheSmoke, being the very first TikTok relay made in co-creation together with the biggest Belgian TikTokkers. The other #RIPRoken, fully concentrated on the gaming community. Two campaigns which show youngsters the negative effects of smoking in a way they can relate to.

The Results

earned media value
of our target audience saying the campaigns made smoking less cool


The 200

An epic movietrailer as a recruiting tool.