The 200



Keeping Belgium’s two youngest nuclear power plants open for an additional 10 years, makes for one of the most captivating industrial stories in Belgium. So why not turn that story into an actual movie? Focusing on the urgent need for 200 additional, technically trained top talents, TBWA took the lead in making ‘The 200’, an impressive trailer for a fictional movie. The trailer ran in cinemas and on socials, with even an actual movie poster that drew a lot of attention at the Gent Filmfestival.

The Challenge

Technical top talent is highly sought-after, therefore they have an abundance of choices when looking for a new employer. Lots or promises about salary and work-life balance will try to convince them to opt for a certain company. ENGIE can play that game too, but that’s no way to differentiate you from the competition.

The Solution

Where ENGIE can make a difference, is by focusing on the sheer size and the social importance of project a technical talent can work on. Dismantling a nuclear power plant is a historically important industrial project and a pivotal point in the energy transition. The stuff that later on will lead to ‘how did they do that’ type documentaries. Our idea was to already make such a documentary now.


Safety Instructions

On-board safety instructions become less boring when delivered by rock stars.