The pandemic hit us all hard, and bars took a real beating. With doors closed, their income tanked, and debts went through the roof. Despite a lifeline from the government, most bars were hanging by a thread and would not survive the crisis. To stand a chance, they needed funds. And they needed them quickly.

The Challenge

In times where everyone was crying for help, how could we get our message across and make people donate to support their favorite bars? We needed an impact big enough to save the Brussels pub sector, so we needed to be heard. Big times. Problem was: there was no budget.

The Solution

With the limited funds we had, launching a big campaign was not an option. That’s why we decided to make it personal. We turned every bar into the love brand they are: small campaigns for each pub in need of support, hanging in the streets surrounding the bar, shared on their owned channels, covered by local media and picked up by national journalists. Instead of telling a big story to everyone, we told a personal story to the real fans. And guess what? Our local and PR-driven campaign paid off!

The Results

crowdfunding in Belgium ever
collected in 6 weeks
iconic Brussels bars saved


Bespoke Jet

Samsung and TBWA stunned the world with an AI generated tv ad that went viral.