Bespoke Jet



Cordless vacuum cleaners are now adopted by the mainstream. But in order to market a luxury model with AI technology, Samsung had to go all out on awareness and create desirability.

The Challenge

Samsung is one of the most renowned brands in the world. Yet only few people know they sell cordless vacuum cleaners. With its unique design, AI technology and impressive suction power all ingredients were in place to start closing the gap with market leader Dyson. All we needed to do was create buzz and install Samsung in people’s lifestyle.

The Solution

When you look at the conventions surrounding vacuum cleaners, you quickly end up with in-house product demo’s that are purely focused on features. But an innovative product like the Samsung Jet AI needed an innovative campaign. The creative idea originated in a trend from the Luxury industry: Faux Out Of Homes (FOOH). FOOH is hot and happening in the world of luxury brands, but also has a lot of potential for other lifestyle brands. As tech gets better, the ads we see will become more creative and exciting.

This new way of advertising might be different, but it offers a lot of chances for brands to reconnect with people after digital ads went hyper personal and lost a bit of soul.

The Results

organic views
TikTok followers
earned media value


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