Being an entrepreneur can be quite lonely. Starting a business on your own also means facing problems and overcoming difficulties alone. If only there were other business owners you could talk to… How could KBC, with their database filled with entrepreneurs dealing with the same issues, become the missing link and provide these clients with the support they were looking for?

The Challenge

KBC had a strong positioning as a residential bank, but not so much as a bank for entrepreneurs. How could we change this perception and become a modern and trusted bank for (small) business owners?

The Solution

For this challenge, a classic campaign would not do the trick. A real, unique and modern solution to the worries and problems entrepreneurs encounter proved to be the best way to earn their trust. And that’s exactly what we did.

We created a matchmaking platform, where business owners were matched with each other, based on their questions, needs and expertise. A simple tool that offered the ‘pingpong partner’, an experienced mentor or simply a companion that entrepreneurs were looking for.

The Results

registered entrepreneurs
matches made


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