Standing out is outstanding

Some things are simple. When you stand out, when you’re an icon, you’re ahead of the competition. Having a distinct way how people see, hear, feel or even smell you is an incredible asset. Working on this will move and shift brands into different worlds.

Beautifully right

You can find the soul of a brand in its design. In its looks. In its voice. In its sound. Branding shows you the brands personality at the first impression. Let’s make it love at first sight. In the end it has got to be beautifully right.

Design is a language used by far more people than any other language in the world.

– Hendrik

Design thinking

We put time into making things timeless. That’s what designers do. We are not here for the short term nor the quick wins. We create timeless beauty that expresses what you are, so you stand out. Because outstanding design is everlasting coolness that captures the attention.

Design thinking

What we do

We are all about spaces, colours, typography and shapes. But we don’t stop there, our brand behavior exists in sound, motion and tone of voice. The essence in everything is tension. There must be tension to get attention. Visual tension is the exact thing that pulls people in and catches the eye. Design is the well-balanced search between.

Design is the most powerful execution of your strategy.

Brand behaviour as a base

Channels are multiplying. And with that, branding is expanding. A strong brand talks in the same way all the time. Building a clear guideline for its behavior fosters consistency.

Brand behavior

Digital from the get-go

Different environments ask for a different approach. Brands need to evolve with their context. Dynamic and agile. That’s why we make them digital from the start.

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