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Opening new worlds of creativity

In the contemporary business landscape, creative innovation is vital for brands who want to stay relevant, engage customers, and achieve growth. Innovation fosters brand value by creating experiences outside the regular selection of bought marketing tools.

The gateway to culture

Innovation can be as simple as bridging brands with subcultures, but it can also be as complex as you want it to be. How far are you willing to go?

Culture is your brand’s biggest challenger

The speed of culture is relentless, from tech over media to design and arts. We bring these cultural shifts into the meeting room to make more relevant work for – and together with – clients.

True to our disruptive methodology

We don’t believe in aimlessly launching into the future. In co-creation with clients, we use Disruption to define a brand vision that can be the compass to navigate brands into new spaces.

Innovation is a mindset. It’s about staying open to untapped ideas that guide towards growth.

– Henri

What’s NEXT

NEXT, our global innovation practice, is geared towards reshaping the future of brand experiences. Through mapping major shifts in human behavior, culture, and technology that are set to redefine brand-consumer engagement, we utilize these changes as catalyst. This innovative approach helps us unlock growth by conceiving new experiential ideas.

Ready to open new worlds? 

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