Building your reputation in the social media age

There was a time when you managed your reputation by managing your media relations. But with the continued growth of social media and the rise of influencers, everyone has the power to shape the narrative around your brand.

We help clients build a strong brand reputation by creating authentic brand stories that inspire and engage stakeholders. And as a result build reputational capital in this new, rapidly evolving media landscape.

Building relationships

Building good relationships

More than ever, a company’s reputation depends on its relationship with all its stakeholders, from customers and influencers over employees and neighbors to politicians and shareholders.

So how do we work?

We build and manage your reputation capital by defending it against crises and nourishing it with authentic brand stories. This goes from employer branding over storytelling across platforms, to creative PR-outreach, customized media trainings and so on.

How do we work
Storytelling via influencer marketing

Storytelling via influencer marketing


Integrate influencer marketing from the start and leverage influencers throughout all channels

Cocreative approach to guarantee authenticity

We go for influencers who influence beyond their own channels and match your brand’s DNA

Influencer selection via data performance analysis and brand match through state of the art tools and expert teams

Openness and transparency are key if you want to be taken seriously by your stakeholders.

– Peter

Giving a voice, from inside out

We enable CEOs and business leaders to communicate effectively with their stakeholders both offline as online, without effort. We have developed a powerful and creative tool for that: LiveBosses®. LiveBosses® spreads leadership stories we created for you, from the inside out. We engage with your stakeholders while you remain the owner. The goal: improving your relations and reputation.

Giving a voice, from inside out
Shape culture

Don’t keep up with culture. Shape it.

There is only one thing that is constant: evolution. Our society and culture has always been evolving.

In business, changes prove an opportunity… or threat, if you don’t keep up. To be truly future-proof, brands should help shape culture. Thanks to Backslash®, our cultural intelligence unit, and Next®, our innovation unit, we see what trends are emerging and can integrate them in tomorrow’s opportunities.

Our capabilities:


Training by a journalist or consultant who will teach you how to control an interview and guide it in the desired direction.

Message development

We help develop your story by writing a new narrative or testing your existing one.

Internal communication & employee engagement

We help you create innovative ways to reach your internal audience and keep them informed, inspired and connected.

Crisis communication

With 25 years of experience, we help you mitigate a crisis when it hits, or help you be prepared for one in the future.

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